Who We Are

Tiño is a family-owned tailoring operation that began in the 1960’s.

Master tailor Napoleon Arienza — endearingly referred to as Sir Nap — began his tailoring career as an apprentice in several tailoring shops in Manila, Philippines. After a few decades of fostering technique and confidence, his collaborations with Giovanni Sanna, Rustan’s, and Brioni culminated in the establishment of his own tailoring operation, Tiño, located in the neighbourhood of Legazpi Village in Makati City. 

Today, the tailoring house continues to uphold the tradition and standard of bespoke tailoring in Manila where the company currently employs and trains several tailors from all walks of life. 

Sir Nap currently works with his grandson and most senior apprentice, Ryan Legaspi, who is carrying on the family tradition. 



Our flagship service. Garments made to the closest approximation of a perfect fit as a result of a unique pattern based on your measurements. Minimum of four weeks to make in order to ensure the best possible results.


Thoughtful design made accessible. We begin making your garment upon the placement of an order -- as our conscious response to the shifting preferences of clients without contributing to the excesses of the clothing industry. Minimum of three weeks upon order.


Coming Soon.

Our ready-to-wear selection is suitable for those looking to enjoy our clothing immediately.