What is Bespoke?

Bespoke is the process and result of making an object to exact specifications, covering both form and function. 

In the context of tailored garments, the freedom of design goes beyond choosing patterns, colours, and texturesA bespoke garment begins with an encounter with the master tailor for measurement taking and discussing little details and requests.

From the measurements, a two-dimensional pattern is drafted and drawn onto fabric for cutting. Once cut, the panels of cloth are then put together in a draft form for the first fitting. The client comes in to try the first fitting garment from which major adjustments are decided.
The garment is taken apart and adjusted for the second fitting, a process similar to the first but with particular attention to more refined details of the garment that need adjusting. 

Once the adjustments from fittings are applied, the garment is finished with nice little touches that serve mostly aesthetic purposes.

The garment goes through a final pressing and is then ready for the client.
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